About us

Chloé Loriel, créatrice de Céleste Paris


When we created Céleste Paris with my sister in law Charlotte in 2017, we aimed to renew the bodysuit to make a must-have and make women's daily life easier, with a lot of softness.
Personally, I need dressing to be easy.
Taking a lot of time to dress in the morning is definitely not my style.
I am in a constant quest of finding the wardrobe that will simplify the daily life. 
Finding the right pieces and the right match in few minutes.
Good shapes, softest and durable fabrics, timeless colors and above all, the comfiest.
We need clothes that can let us walk, ride, sit on a desk, taking our kids, relax.
We should never feel uncomfortable, Our clothes should give us freedom.
In my everyday life, minimalism, pure shapes, neutral shades, securise me and help me to be focused on the essential.
I tried to create timeless pieces that will help any women in that goal.
I believe that good clothes help us to free our mind and focus on what really matters.
Take care & let’s get slow,